SmartWash® - Ultimate Truck Wash

Our Truck wash and Bus wash equipment range can utilize touchless and/or 2 and 3 gantry brush technology; it is the ultimate in design and construction. It combines the adaptability of touchless, high-pressure washing for irregular size vehicles and the economical three brush roll-over truck wash. Utilizing current sensing electronics, our systems "feel" the vehicle and adjust according to contours, mirrors, visors, etc. SmartWash® stainless steel frames remain intact when other machines have rusted away.

The SmartWash® 

Whiting Systems combines powerful automatic truck cleaning equipment with detergents that leave your fleet clean. We use the finest materials to ensure long system life and maximum cleaning performance. Strategically placed sensors throughout each system insure that the power sprayers and rotating brushes can safely and fully wash your trucks and trailers.

Standard Configuration

  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Two Motor Gantry Drive Variable Frequency Drive 8" wheels
  • Amp Sensing for Top and Side Washers 60 inch brush diameter
  • Full remote diagnostics via the web
  • Viariable drives on all brushes
  • Manual activation by keypad
  • precisely metered chemical pumps
  • Stainless steel motors and gearboxes!
  • Can wash Waste trucks, Tractor Trailers, Box trucks, Tractor only, Coaches, Tankers, Vans....Pretty much everything

The Smart Wash Supra washing a truck!